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Specialized knowledge to help you make powerful decisions & achieve success.

Law firms, corporations and individuals alike come across times when different vantage points become unbalanced and cloud the decision making process. Think of the trial lawyer that has lived their client’s case for the last year and is approaching trial with one-sided tunnel vision. Or, the corporate executive whose bird’s eye view obscures the important details, hindering them from making effective decisions on important strategy moves. Or, the individual that can’t quite seem to move forward on a business venture due to a lack of information, directly impacting their pursuit for success.

Our Consulting Team at LANCAS can help! We provide Jury Research and Consulting services for law firms and trial teams; Case Consulting services for lawyers, law firms, and corporations; and Special Projects Consulting services for individuals, corporations, and law firms.

We have been blessed to serve as the Jury Research and Consulting team on trials leading to 7-Figure + verdicts and millions of dollars to the clients. In our experience, the investment in our consulting services at trial is disproportionately beneficial and worthwhile. It’s a great return on investment.

Companies and persons of influence are most effective when they have the obscured information presented with pragmatic & expert consultation so paramount decisions can be made.

Sometimes, even lawyers need assistance on their case. With so many moving parts in a case, having a few more specialized minds to give you practical, pertinent and concise advice on investigative matters in your case can mean the difference between a big win or big upset.

Our Approach

With specialized knowledge, experience and skillsets, our consulting team at LANCAS is an invaluable resource to call upon when you need help navigating obstacles in the way of your success.

As a team of consultants, we personally work discretely with you and your team. We investigate and analyze on the ground and in the think-tank. We give you valuable and actionable feedback in a concise matter and YOU decide how to proceed.

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WHO WE SERVICE: LANCAS provides consulting services for:

  • Law Firms and Attorneys
  • Corporations and Executives
  • Board of Directors
  • Persons of Influence
  • HNWI
  • Business Owners
  • Professional Practice Groups
  • Individuals

WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE: While all matters are tailored precisely to our client’s needs, below are consulting services we currently offer for:

Jury Research and Consulting

  • We conduct Jury Research so the trial attorney can select an ideal jury, use peremptory challenges and back strikes wisely, and confidently and efficiently delve into core issues during voir dire.
  • We provide additional Jury Consulting and Monitoring services so your trial team can focus on litigating the case with reliable real-time information to adapt your trial strategy as the evidence unfolds.
Case Consulting

  • We provide consulting services on your case whether it’s in litigation or presuit. With our specialized knowledge, experience, and investment of thousands of hours into investigating cases, we can help you evaluate particular issues in your case. From potential costs and timelines for investigations, recommendations on best investigative tools and techniques specific to your case, to advisement on investigative strategy at the outset and throughout your matter, we will equip you with valuable feedback, insight, and direction so you can make those tough decisions with confidence.
Special Projects

  • We provide consulting services tailored to your unique matter. We will connect with you to understand the issue at hand and customize a plan to execute on. Sounds extremely general, right? The breadth and depth of what an investigations team can do surprises many. We are essentially professional solution finders. Call us today and we can discern whether we are the right solution for you.
    Concise. Confidential. Continuity.
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